West Hill

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The western hills or the Sahyadri range is known for its beautiful landscape, Rain forests and one of the biggest plateaus in this part of the world. That's the inspiration behind West hill, which promises to be a enjoyable and memorable destination for its guest. Pure Veg. Resort serving Multi Cuisine food with specialized in Mahabaleshwar Panchgani in Jain food. Westhill is now considered among the best budget Resorts in Mahabaleshwar, panchgani in budget segement but provide you number of facilities equivalent to other big Hotels of Mahabaleshwar.

In the green serenity of the mountains of Mahabaleshwar lies the red stone wall of Westhill, one of the most exotically located hotels in the laps of tranquility. Strategically situated in between Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani just before Mapro garden, West hill harmonizes the romantic stay with the comforts of home. The decor of the rooms reminds you of the traditional and modern English fashion. A best hotels and resorts in Mahabaleshwar Panchgani is all you need to refresh yourself. Stay at one of the best hotels in Mahabaleshwar that makes you feel at home.

The overall atmosphere of the hotel is very Welcoming, Homely and also staying with us would make you remember your trip memories to cherish.

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