Lodges And Restaurants In Panchgani Are Offering Free Stays!


It all started with a great idea wired in the brilliant minds of Indo-french couple. They offered bed and breakfast in their lodge, nestled in the perfect scenic beauty of Panchgani. The trend has picked up since then.  They owned an organic farm and offered free stay to those who willingly agreed to help in their farming routine. Amazed with the idea, many resorts and hotels in Panchgani have adapted it to create special packages to thousands of travellers checking in daily, on the similar lines.

While on vacation, it is difficult to find a place that offers more than just hotel amenities. The lodge La Maison breaked that repeating hotel stays routines. Their lodge has four rooms with different size of occupancy. All of these rooms have attached bathrooms. While these rooms are divided into two categories - the sizeable rooms with view of beautiful and eye - catching Dhoom lake and the smaller rooms with open and bright balcony.

Working in Organic Farms

Resorts in Panchgani are offering uncommon staying packages to the travellers. Most of the vacationers who check in to these resorts have a fancy to witness the functionalism of the nature’s closest products. Organic farming is an integrated natural farming process that enhances the soil fertility and yields the chemical free produce. The specialized tourists program gives volunteering opportunities to work in these organic farms. In fact, premium lodges like La Maison provide free accommodation in return to the volunteering services.

What in Organic Farming?

Farms are working on organic methods to produce vegetables and fruits. Willing workers can work on plantation of potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and fruits like strawberries & raspberries.  The smaller farms own fertile plots and welcome willing workers who can help them in planting, seeding, keeping and maintaining the plantations.

So if you are dreaming of relaxing vacation, what could be better than working towards nature’s organic produce? http://www.westhill.in



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