Resorts: What Are The Trending Options For Holiday Stay?


Every year, there is a new holiday around the corner. Like newlywed couples have upgraded their honeymoon destinations from Manali and now, prefer places that offer more than just picturesque snow mountains. Family holidays are no more limited to Nainital and Jaipur. Families and friends altogether plan a trip of adventure to Leh - Ladakh and a journey of serenity to Panchgani. In a similar way, the choice of stay for holidays has changed. Travelers, vacationers are upgrading themselves from booking hotels in Panchgani. Bungalows and resorts are what people crave for now.

Resort & Bungalow - How are they different from a hotel?

The very basic benefit overbooking even best hotel in Mahabaleshwar is, you get a freedom of movement. You do not need to stroll in the lobby locating your tiny room just like you did in the hostel.

It’s not only about Mahabaleshwar but the real estate across the country has witnessed the boom in holiday bungalows and resorts. It gives you the extended luxury of having your full family by your side without worrying about adjacent rooms complaining about the noise. Even if you prefer traveling solo or with just one companion, staying in a resort or renting a bungalow in Panchgani give you a relative feeling of owning your own estate.

Resorts: An upscale Luxury

While bungalows are the riches of the richest, resorts are becoming popular with the service class and business class as well. Many small resorts in Panchgani are alluring their customers with the charm of their hospitality. On the other side, the best resort in Mahabaleshwar is enveloped with every luxurious amenity. A therapeutic spa to boost your all five senses, a nice restaurant to please your appetite, a shopping complex and a fitness center - everything to make you forget the rest of the world. In fact, they also arrange the travel to all nearby places so that you can explore comfortably.

So, What are you planning for your next holiday-a resort or a bungalow?



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